Cuppy Cakes

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Cuppy cakes, cuppy cakes – everywhere are cuppy cakes.

From Yo-cakes, to GiGi’s cakes, to Happy cakes and cupcakes Y’all

Bland and spicy, sweet and savory;

every food imaginable they try to cram in the cupcake.

Burger cupcakes, fries cupcakes, no more Mr. Nice cupcakes.

Sick of cupcakes! Hate the cupcake! Want a big fat three-tiered cake

Made of butter-cream, and ganache, topped with raspberry jam or sauce!

No more cupcakes, want real food! One more cupcake will ruin my mood.


Yap Ye Iswa

•November 22, 2010 • 3 Comments

On the day of Yap Ye Iswa, Let us give thanks to Manatou(God), Kaia (Spirit), and Ku’ri (Jesus). We thank you Manatou for the earth, our home. We thank you Manatou for all the animals you have given us to rule over. We thank you Manatou for the river that runs, that gives a home to the fish, and place to wash ourselves clean and drink. We thank you Manatou for the rains to cleanse our land and renew all life. We thank you for the oceans and the bounty they possess. On this day of the Catawba, Yap Ye Iswa, we thank you Manatou for our people. May Manatou, Kaia, and Ku’ri shine blessings down on us so that we may one day be reunited with our tribal family, and our children’s children may never forget the struggles of the Iswa.


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“____ county Sheriff’s Office, how may I help you”

“Is this the sheriff’s office?”


“of _____ county?”

Really people? Open your ears!

can you believe this

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Just goofing, I googled “i’m broke” just wondering what it would bring up, you’ll never believe this, people are virtual begging. THis is too funny, you are so broke that you must pay for a website called virtual charity or some crap pay for a paypal vendor account and pay probably for the computer, internet service, and power all so people can pay pal you a charitable donation cause you think you can make a quick buck off of someone who will feel sorry for you and send you a $10 charitable gift? Get real people, these are scams and you are falling for it! These “broke” people probably make $30-$100 bucks a month and sometimes more off gullable people who think they are helping someone out. You are paying for the grocery bill of someone probably making $40K a year. They are broke because they cannot quit using their credit cards, not because they are homeless and their children are starving. Cmon, if that’s the case, I should be able to put a paypal button on this blog and people just send me a check for NOT BEING GULLABLE! Please donate to the cause of the national foundation of not being an idiot and giving my money away to a moron!!! (and get a free tshirt). virtual charity…how ridiculous.

Zombie Land

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I just saw the preview for “ZombieLand” with Woodie Allen with a “please enter your birthday to watch this trailer” button. Come on…who in their right mind under the age of 21 is going to enter their birthday? Lets teach our kids to use math by having them subtract this year from 21 to find out their Zombieland trailer birthday. On the other hand, the trailer didn’t look too bad as far as zombie movies go. I kind of like the comedy twist. But considering the rape acronym (you dont Know? Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, yeah dude it’s an acronym) was used at least three times in the trailer, I probably will play the old South Park drinking game while watching this film and will require my own enter your birthday to watch button on my invitations. Wondering what the southpark drinking game is? I knew you were. Watch Southpark the movie and each time you hear the lovely old acronym, take a drink. It is just that simple. I haven’t done it since college, but what the heck, I’m feeling nostalgic.

The Sense of Silence

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Give me silence, give me peace and relaxation, no deserve better than this; no you don’’re spoiled, you’re overwhelmed, your over everything, you’re on your own. your happier when he’s home, he’s tired too, your relationship should be stressed, why isn’t your relationship stressed? give us peace, give us a break, a home, a means to a home, give us the want and desire to make it a home out of what we have, we have nothing. give me space again. give me amnesty. give me room to breathe..I do like my room. room to breathe, room to space to space to room says he who gives me none. he orders me about, all the while poking me with sticky fingers on my page, crushing my arm with the weight of  my world, my need for freedom alone in a room for a week in silence and then he says I love you and all the room in the world couldn’t keep me away from him. The sense of silence is underestimated and underappreciated. silence, that’s what I need the sound of rat tap tapping of a keyboard and nothing else. 75 words per minute is all I wish to hear. 75 thoughts per minute is what I have. ode to randomness ode to disorder, how I miss you so. ode to freedom to youth to music and poetry, ode to silence and the sense of it.

The Nothing

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Have you ever thought about “the nothing”? You know, in The Neverending Story, the nothing consumes everything in its path. Was it the personification of writers block by the author, or is it just a metaphor for what life can sometimes bring you. The nothingness that consumes your everyday. Consider your telephone calls. Ring, ring….


what are you doing


Even when you are doing something, do you not usually say nothing? Or when someone walks by your desk and ask you what you’re doing, oh…nothing. Or when you ask your child, who is obviously knee deep into something, they always answer nothing. Does not our very existence seem to coincide with nothing. What do you want to do after a long day of work? nothing. What do you want to do after a long week? nothing. What do you want for your birthday? nothing. What do you want for Christmas? nothing.

The truth is the nothing was never void of anything, it consumed all in its path, just like the obligatory nothingness in your life. You are never just doing nothing and you never want nothing for your birthday or Christmas. Nothing, in this case,  is the absence of thought (and a double negative – my whole case in point). You don’t want to take the time to answer that question, so you just say…nothing. So when does nothing become something? When you open your little pea brain and think, and your little pea mouth and say…something, anything, all things, just not “nothing”.